Your Fiori Enterprise Browser for SAP applications

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Fiori Enterprise Browser
The Fiori Enterprise Browser for Android is the industry browser for SAP applications. The optimised user interface reduces errors and thus saves time and costs.

The Fiori Enterprise Browser for Android is the first choice among industry browsers for SAP applications. The optimized user interface reduces errors and thus saves time and costs. It can always happen that wireless networks are not available, even for a short period of time, but the application must still run stably. The Fiori Enterprise Browser always displays the last screen, even if no network is available.

Fullscreen display maximizes the available display area for a richer and more effective user interface. Form data and passwords are not stored, providing optimal security for you and your data. The browser runs on Android devices version 6.x or higher. The thin client architecture supports HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script. Within the scope of project-specific extensions, the browser can be adapted to your individual needs.

Our solution

With the Fiori Enterprise Browser for Android, we support you in digitizing and automating your processes. We make the necessary settings on the system side. If you wish, we will set up your employees on the system so that you can make simple adjustments yourself in the future. Our solution offers seamless integration with the SAP standard and creates real added value for your ERP system. Thanks to our Fiori Enterprise Browser for Android, you transfer data to SAP in an error-tolerant manner.

The use of mobile data capture devices is essential in today's world. We support the end devices of the leading manufacturers based on Android and integrate them for you. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees and take full advantage of today's mobile devices. Always stay connected and prevent data loss. The Fiori Enterprise Browser is also compatible with our image capture and signature capture - we make all the necessary system-side adjustments for this.

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