EXPRIS AG implements its Solutions EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector at the Cantonal Police SG

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SAP HR interface

EXPRIS AG implements its Solutions EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector at the Cantonal Police St. Gallen

The St. Gallen Cantonal Police is bringing the management of its personnel and organizational master data up to date. Thanks to the cooperation with EXPRIS AG, the office has a secure, reliable and clear system for this: the EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector
SAP HR interface

The requirements

As is the case with many companies and authorities, the personnel master data of the St. Gallen Cantonal Police is managed in the industry-leading SAP HCM software. A uniform interface was desired for the connection of additional peripheral systems: The tool should provide all available data centrally and offer the option of supplying the peripheral systems with subsets from it. This approach provides a better overview of the data by first storing all information centrally in a master layout. A copy template for connection to the target system then enables targeted provision and automatic synchronization. This saves administrative effort and thus resources as well as costs. Possible target systems are, for example, the transaction processing of the cantonal police, time recording and duty roster systems.

The solution

EXPRIS AG already has the right tool in its product portfolio in the form of the EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector. The St. Gallen Cantonal Police was convinced of this during a product demo and quickly saw all requirements as fulfilled. The EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector as an in-house solution offers several advantages:

  • As an add-on, it is installed on the master system; there is no need for middleware that is susceptible to interference.
  • Any number of data setups can be defined for the target system.
  • New data recipients can be added and edited quickly and easily.
  • Flexible layouts enable precisely fitting output structures, tailored to the specifications of the data recipient.
  • Data export works as XLSX, XML, CSV or text format, as files as well as via direct transfer with SOAP or SAP PI/PO.
  • In addition to the personnel master data, the organisational structure can also be exported.

The implementation

For the implementation, the St. Gallen Cantonal Police initially defined three target systems. Thanks to our experience with SAP HCM and expertise with the EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector, we only need a few months for the project phase. EXPRIS AG is familiar with the requirements profile and implements the order as requested. The connection to a new system also succeeds within a few days.

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