Keep an eye on your sensitive HR master data

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HCM Compliance Tool
The EXPRIS HCM Compliance Tool is a 4-eyes principle and gives you security in authorizations and adjustments of your sensitive HR master data. It enables you to initiate and monitor follow-up activities such as EO loss of earnings compensation.

In the HR area, you are busy with mutations of HR master data on a daily basis. The effort for the control is often very time-consuming. In many cases, documents such as EO cards have to be requested from employees several times. Useful time and money is lost in the process. Furthermore, you enter sensitive data on a daily basis, such as salary adjustments, sickness and other attendances, absences, etc., which require the approval and control of a second person.

Our solution

Keep an eye on your sensitive HR master data: The EXPRIS HCM Compliance Tool supports you in maintaining an overview and control of changes to your data. You can record these mutations on a customer-specific basis and check their plausibility with the 4-eyes principle. This ensures the traceability of who changed what and when. This can be proven to an audit department by means of an evaluation report. In connection with this principle, compensation for loss of earnings (EO) can be recorded, e.g. when recording a military absence, and monitored and evaluated until payment is received.

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