Capture your signatures in SAP

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Signature capture
Save yourself cumbersome paperwork and protect the environment. Capture signatures on any device. The data is immediately available in SAP for further processing.

The Capture from signatures on analogue way goes with a high administrative effort associated with. Alone the paper jam makes the clear archiving. The signature to be scanned, means a another - at duration time-intensive - work step. The signature capture in SAP offers a sustainable and efficient workflow. The SAP-Signature Capture from EXPRIS Solutions lets itself in the SAP ERP just as as im SAP EWM use. Whether on desktop, PCs, smartphones, tablets or RF-scanners, capture you signatures at digitally. The terminals direct the data directly at SAP more: With this stands the Signature without intermediate step directly at Business-Object to processing ready- at delivery, customer order and transport.


With signature capture we realize the possibility in your SAP ERP or SAP EWM to collect signatures directly in the browser on different end devices. We make the settings and implement individual dialog boxes so that further processing of the signature is automated and fits seamlessly into your workflows. If desired, we can train your employees on the system so that you can make simple adjustments yourself in the future. In this way, you create a sustainable and efficient structure for simple and complex workflows in your company in the long term. Thanks to our signature capture, you automatically store all relevant signatures in the respective objects.

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