Capture your images in SAP

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SAP image capture
Capture images on any end device and store them as attachments to objects. The data is immediately available in SAP for further processing.

Until now, image archiving has been a time-consuming process. Photographing, printing, filing are steps in the process that consume resources unnecessarily and are inefficient. The overview is quickly lost, with sync and corrections by n17t01 there is a high error rate due to manual activities. With the integrated image capture in SAP, you save this effort. Once photographed - whether with desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets or even RF scanners - the photos are immediately available for further processing in SAP. Automated workflows make image capture even more flexible, efficient and minimize the error rate. The image is stored directly on the business object: Delivery, sales order, transport. You can find it directly in the browser from anywhere - all without cumbersome middleware. Thanks to the individual customization options, you optimize further automation processes.

Our solution

With Image Capture, you get a modern solution that integrates seamlessly into your SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA system. We make the settings and implement individual dialogues so that further processing of image capture is automated and fits seamlessly into your workflows. If desired, we can train your employees on the system so that you can make simple adjustments yourself in the future. Make your workflows more efficient and save resources. On the one hand, our image capture works with all end devices. On the other hand, you can retrieve the photos of the associated objects from anywhere when you need access to them. Analog searches in archives are a thing of the past.

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