Automatic generation of transports of copies

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Transport request Add on
Conveniently create automated transports of copies in a 1-step process. Object locks remain until your tests are complete.

With the transport request add-on, you conveniently create automated transports of copies in a 1-step process: After selecting an open task, the automatically created transport of copies is imported into a test system. This way, the customized workbench objects remain locked exclusively until development and testing are complete. The tool can be imported into your development system without modification, and the footprint is minimal. The application uses only one API layer in the SAP system. You can set whether versions should be created or not.

Our solution

The transport request add-on supports you in creating, releasing and importing transports of copies automatically. Various filter functions support you in your search. Furthermore, the add-on notes your last request in a history, so that you can always continue working at the point where you left the application before.

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