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Idoc Alerting Monitor
Would you like to be automatically informed about faulty IDocs in your system? Then we have the solution: This is not only cheaper and easier, but also good for your business processes

IDoc are the central format for data exchange with internal and external systems in the SAP system (EDI/ALE). On the one hand, they collect data from the application documents and master data in IDoc during outbound processing. Afterwards, they are sent to the target system/client. On the other hand, during inbound processing from a source system, they are transferred to the IDoc inbound interface. Then they are stored in the system. In a further step, the document data is generated and posted in the corresponding application. However, errors occur in the processing of EDI/ALE transactions in an SAP ERP system. In practice, this causes many companies to lose valuable time in identifying and correcting these errors. As a result, business processes are delayed and interrupted. And this is unnecessary.

Due to easily adjustable rules, these situations are recognised immediately. In the event of the occurrence of a previously defined rule, the responsible employees are automatically informed. You define the set of rules for monitors to detect certain situations and the distribution of messages according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can determine what the notification should look like.

Our solution

The EXPRIS IDoc Alerting Monitor supports you in detecting and correcting errors in the IDoc posting (EDI/ALE) immediately. You no longer have to log on to the SAP client manually to check, but are automatically sent a notification. Thanks to useful links to SAP GUI and SAP WebGUI, you can jump directly from this message to the relevant clients and transactions and make the necessary corrections. This way you do not lose any more time in your business processes.
The EXPRIS IDoc Alerting Monitor has a seamless integration into the SAP standard and creates real added value for your ERP system. You define yourself in the delivered customizing options who should be notified about which IDoc. This allows you to define complex responsibility scenarios.
In addition, the notifications are generated via templates. This way, the message can also be visually adapted to your CI/CD requirements.

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